• Our Operations Center has all the advanced tools to track and monitor all flights, Our team consistently watches over up-to-the minute weather patterns and projections, locations of jets and constantly tracks and monitors all actions, keeping in touch with the FBO, to ensure that your trip runs smoothly.
  • The team comprises of highly experienced individuals in the fields of Flight Operations and Flight Dispatch whose main priority is to exercise a proactive approach in achieving operational safety and efficiency at all times.
  • From coordinating air traffic rights to customized trip planning, our personnel handle member requests accurately, resourcefully and tactfully while maintaining regulatory compliance and avoiding flight disruptions.

What To Expect From Our OCC Team:

  • Comprehensive flight planning based on aircraft performance, range limitations, runway length.
  • Full dispatch briefing package along with ATC filing, FMS Uplink and Weather/NOTAM analysis.
  • Provision of test flight plans and route validation.
  • Provision of weight & balance reports, approach charts, trip kit and RAIM predication.
  • Prompt arrangement of overflight and landing permits, PPRs and Slots.
  • Coordination & Supervision of ground handling appropriate to the type of operation and/or aircraft.
  • Fuel arrangements – with partnerships covering over 1,500 locations worldwide.
  • Arrangement of hotel accommodation and transportation with respective Suppliers and/or vendors.
  • Close examination of all requests to ensure accuracy & quality of service provided by our OCC.
  • Non-stop communication and liaison with on-ground vendors and suppliers.
  • Constant flight tracking by our OCC team dedicated to the progress of the operation.

Contact Information:

  • Address: Jumeirah Lake Towers, Cluster X, X2 Tower, 1506-10.
  • Tel: +971 4 2766 209
  • Fax: +971 4 2766 212
  • Email:
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