The idea for Click was born when our founder and CEO, Aiham Bader, noticed that there were no straightforward options for aviation players to connect with other participants, quickly and easily.

Our core philosophy has been to stay true to our beliefs to deliver an exceptional experience for our community and subscribers. Simplifying processes brings greater efficiency.

Connecting people to information leads to insights that improve customer experience. And enabling technical agility creates room for innovation that sharpens the competitive edge.


Personalized consultancy allows us to fully tailor every aspect of your aviation experience. That’s not just for one flight. Travel plans change. Our proactive approach ensures that if and when your plans change, we’re already one step ahead, offering an efficient solution at a moment’s notice. We provide total flight support services, in addition to flight planning services/overfly, landing permits, ground handling, fuel, accommodation, transportation and catering to give you the peace of mind to fly anywhere with smooth operational support.


Our network is a useful platform for all participants in the aviation industry, from charter brokers, operators and suppliers. It is a unified platform where everybody can come together under one roof, explore opportunities and discover ways to increase operational efficiency and business growth, eliminate risks, reduce costs and build credibility. Here, Charter Brokers can connect with Operators just as Operators can connect with Suppliers.


As a single point of contact for your aviation needs, we have in place quality metrics, quality checklists and process improvement plans. To achieve the very highest standards in these and other aspects of an aircraft’s facets and performance, the question of quality is addressed by us at every stage. Repeated checks are made. Tests are applied. Additionally, we work with organisations around the world to find new ways of improving standards.


We work 24 hours a day, 365 days of the year, ever-ready to dispatch an aircraft or fast- track a service for your needs. There will always be an experienced consultant available to assist in trip planning or respond to any mission-critical situation.

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